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Senior Instructors


Jim Kwasek

Jim is the Owner and Chief Pilot at Chicago Executive Flight School. An active member of the flying community at Chicago Executive Airport, Jim was president of PAPA at Chicago Executive for four years. PAPA is the largest pilot organization at Chicago Executive Airport (formerly Palwaukee Municipal Airport). Jim started flying at Palwaukee in 1988, then went on to Southern Illinois University for his degrees in Aviation Management and Aviation Flight. When not flying, Jim enjoys teaching Tae Kwon Do.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, Flight Engineer Turbojet



Dave Klopfleisch

Dave started flying in 1966 at Roselle Airport, now called Schaumburg Airport in Schaumburg, IL. He served in the Navy 1968-1974 with his last duty station at Miramar, CA. In the Navy, Dave flew the TA-4, single engine attack jet. Afterwards, Dave worked for various corporate flight departments and served as the Safety Officer at the NAS Glenview Flying Club from 1993-1996.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI and MEI, ATP, Part 121 Flight Dispatcher, current Safety Officer at Chicago Executive Flight School






Colin Fearon

Colin’s interest in aviation began when he was 10 years old after a discovery flight at Schaumburg airport as part of his Cub Scout troop; he launched his flying career in 2011, attending Southern Illinois University as a part of their duel degree aviation program. Graduating in 2015 with Honors from the flight program Colin holds an associates degree from the College of Applied Science in Aviation Flight and a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management. The collegiate flight program has provided him the unique experience and opportunity to fly with dozens of instructors and a variety of teaching styles giving him a wide array of experience to all aspects of instructing. Colin holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor Certificate and Instrument Rating and has been working toward a Multi Engine Rating as well as CFII. He has been with Chicago Executive Flight School for over a year beginning in March of 2016.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI

Edsom Koch

Edsom has been involved in aviation for most of his adult life. Prior to becoming a pilot, he has been in the aviation industry for many years as a flight attendant for Republic Airways and GoJet airlines. He has a passion for teaching and hopes to become a Master Certified Flight Instructor (MCFI). He is a native of Brazil and fluently speaks Portuguese and Spanish. While getting his licenses, he made sure to attend almost every single flight school in the Chicago area. If you ask him why, he will tell you that variety in teaching styles and curriculum, in his opinion, made him a better educator. His favorite quote is “A good pilot is always learning”. He received his CFI at CAVU Flight Academy in Green Bay Wisconsin and has been working at Chicago Executive Flight School since fall 2016. We are proud to have him as member of our school.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, CFII

Juan Lopez

Juan first learned to fly at Midway Airport about 30 years ago. He’s been flight instructing for the past 8 yrs at Chicago Executive Airport and working as a Customer Systems Technician with AT&T for 18 yrs.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, CFII

Milenko Bandur

Milenko first started flying in early 2006. His first flight was a Total Immersion Flight at Chicago Executive Flight School, a birthday present he purchased for himself. He has always been interested in flying and than became hooked after the first flight. He finished his Private Pilot Certificate at Chicago Executive Flight School, his Instrument in the St. Louis area, and his Commercial Single & Multi-Engine at the Aero Club at Scott Air Force Base. He then earned his Certified Flight Instructor Certification and now enjoys instructing and sharing his passion with others.
Flight Qualifications include: CFI, AGI

Sam Rannochio

When Sam was 19 when he and a buddy packed a U-Haul trailer and drove out to Tulsa OK to learn how to fly. After getting his private pilot license out there, he came back to the Chicago area to finish all of his ratings at 06C. Sam instructed there full-time from 1990 to 1992.  Sam works full-time for a North Shore Police Department and is getting ready to retire in June. Since becoming a CFI in 1990, he has always kept his instructor certificate current and loves to teach.
Flight Qualifications include: CFII MEI AGI ATP

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